(02) The Terrace at Berkeley Heights

View from Springfield Avenue

Terrace at BH view from Springfield Ave

View from Sherman Avenue

Terrace at BH view from Sherman Ave


450 Springfield Avenue - Block 702 lot 13

Total Number of Units -(Affordable Housing)

Types of Units


20 Rental Units (3 AH)
  • 9 one bedroom
  • 10 two bedroom
  • 1 three bedroom

Retail Space4,000 sq ft** May split int o 2 x 2,200 sq ft

Other names

Formerly known as "Movie Theater"

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Updated Status

June 2021
  • Construction ongoing
  • Anticipated completion date: Fall 2021
January 2021
  • Construction ongoing
October 2020
  • Construction ongoing
September 2020
  • Planning Board approved site plan changes resulting from foundation issues
July 2020
  • Construction has been ongoing for months; developer may make some changes to windows, terrace, that may send plans to Planning Board for approval. 
December 2019
  •  Storm drainage ongoing
  • Footing and Foundation Permit Issued
November 2019
  • Site Perimeter Shoring to Commence
October 2019
  • Foundation and Footing Permit Issued
  • Nov. 2019 complete excavating
July 2019
  • Finished demolition
  • Developer has applied for a footing and foundation permit
  • Once started, will take 18 months to build

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