Bi-Monthly Electronic/Styrofoam/White Goods Recycling

The FIRST and THIRD Saturday of the month is electronic and styrofoam #6 recycling from 9am-noon held at DPW. Click below for more details on the electronic recycling program. Please check main calendar on front page of website for specific dates.

Recycling will take place bi-monthly from 9am-noon at the Department of Public Works yard off Berkeley Avenue, near the new Municipal Complex. Coming from Plainfield Avenue, go past the old Town Hall and take your first right onto Berkeley Avenue. Coming down Park Ave from Mountain Avenue, Berkeley Avenue will be on your left just before the old Town Hall.

Please bring proof of residency and please arrive with sufficient time as it ends promptly at noon. You do not need to get out of your car; please wear a mask and DPW employees will take the items out of your car for you.

Details about the Bi-Monthly Recycling Program