Reopening Berkeley Heights

Reopening BH

Berkeley Heights is reopenING!


October 6, 2020

The Berkeley Heights Township Council on October 6 introduced an ordinance extending outdoor dining through April 2021. Any restaurants wishing to extend their outdoor dining through the winter will need to follow these protocols.


If you plan to use your existing tents or canopies after November 30th, the following items will need to factor into your decision:

  • Approval from the HEALTH DEPARTMENT
  • A NJ-Licensed Structural Engineer will need to certify that the tent or canopy can support the local snow load and provide an anchoring plan for protection against uplift.
  • The tent or canopy must meet NFPA 701, method 1 or method 2. A certificate must be provided to the Building Department confirming this. (This indicates the fabric is flame retardant.) 
  • Provide a diagram and describe what you will use to provide impact protection for the structure.
  • Provide an egress plan for the staff and patrons. Illuminated exit signs and emergency lighting are required to be installed.
  • Provide “NO SMOKING” signs.
  • You must provide ADA access to the dining area and within the dining area.


If your restaurant/business intends to provide the tent, canopy or outside dining area with heat, they must abide by the following:

  • Any heater must be UL Listed, or Listed by another nationally recognized testing agency, and approved. Any permits as follows must include a cut sheet for the proposed heater.
  • If you choose to use electric heaters, ELECTICAL & FIRE permit applications must be submitted to the Building Department. Apply for the permit online here.  
  • If you choose to use natural gas, propane or diesel-powered heater(s) a FIRE & PLUMBING permit must be submitted to the Building Department (apply here) . If you choose this option, include information where and how many spare tanks or additional fuel will be stored. You must apply to the FIRE PREVENTION BUREAU for a permit storage of the additional fuel tanks.
  • If you choose to install natural gas heater(s) that run on natural gas provided through the building’s gas meter, PLUMBING & FIRE permit applications must be submitted to the Building Department (apply here)
  • Any of the above heater options will require a diagram indicating heater locations including dimensions of spacing. Indicate where FIRE EXTINGUISHERS will be placed.
  • If you use a fuel-fired heating appliance, you will have to install CARBON MONOXIDE DETECTORS inside the tent or canopy area.

At the time we are writing this guidance, the Governor’s Executive Orders only allow for two (2) of the four (4) sides of any tent to be closed and it qualify as an outdoor dining area. While a fully enclosed tent may be used, it would then be considered INDOOR DINING and additional restrictions and regulations would be necessary, including the 25% capacity maximum currently mandates for indoor dining. It is the business owners’ responsibility to comply with all requirements contained in the Governor’s Executive Orders.

June 30, 2020

Dear Berkeley Heights Restaurants,

Although you might have heard yesterday, June 29, that the Governor postponed indoor dining; here is Executive Order No. 158 for your review, which temporarily prohibits the resumption of indoor dining until further notice. As soon as we hear any more information, we will communicate it.  Please continue with outdoor dining and please keep following the protocols such as hand washing, wearing masks, changing gloves, using hand sanitizer, taking employees temperatures, sanitizing, etc. If any of you currently do not have permits for outdoor seating and wish to apply for such a permit, please see requirements to submit to our Restaurant Review Committee below.

The following restaurants in town are open for outdoor seating: DiMaio’s, Delicious Heights, Trap Rock, Sub Zone, Strega, Marcello’s and Grain & Cain. More restaurants coming with outdoor seating; meanwhile, please remember to order Outdoor Seating for Restaurants Opens in new windowTAKEOUT and pick up curbside from all of our other restaurants! And be sure to patronize our other local businesses as much as possible and support them as we work to help them all reopen soon!

For Berkeley Heights Business Owners:

If you already have some outdoor seating, a recently-passed local ordinance allows you to expand that space; if you do not already have outdoor seating, it allows you to create that space, with the guidance of our Township zoning, fire and public safety officials. This is to ensure you have adequate social distancing among your patrons. Food establishments will need to submit their outdoor seating plans with proper COVID-19 hygiene protocols to the Township for review and approval to

Here is all of the relevant information you need to apply for outdoor seating:

Please note: The Township is here to help you with this process! Our public safety, health, zoning and other officials will help to ensure your plans are sufficient, and will give you guidance, if needed, on how to best set up your outdoor space in a safe yet effective manner. Please utilize us as resource, and do not hesitate to contact our Board of Health Secretary Linda Palumbo with any questions or if you need assistance. She can be reached at If you are a restaurant that currently hold a liquor license but have questions about the recently announced temporary liquor license extension to apply to outdoor seating, please contact our Clerk Ana Minkoff at

Thank you for your patience as we all work together to reopen Berkeley Heights together – safely, and for being part of our wonderful community. We are here to help you succeed!

Copy of Executive Order No. 150

Copy of DOH Executive Directive on Outdoor Dining

Copy of NJ ABC Special Ruling

Personal Care Businesses

Governor Phil Murphy on June 13 signed Executive Order No. 154, allowing personal care service facilities to reopen to Able to open June 22the public on June 22, provided the facilities comply with standards issued by the Division of Consumer Affairs and Department of Health.  

Under the Executive Order, personal care service facilities include:  

  1. Cosmetology shops;
  2. Barber shops;
  3. Beauty salons;
  4. Hair braiding shops;
  5. Nail salons;
  6. Electrology facilities;
  7. Spas, including day spas and medical spas, at which solely elective and cosmetic medical procedures are performed;
  8. Massage parlors;
  9. Tanning salons; and
  10. Tattoo parlors.  

The Division of Consumer Affairs issued an Administrative Order that includes comprehensive health and safety standards that personal care services who are licensees of the New Jersey State Board of Cosmetology and Hairstyling and the New Jersey Board of Massage and Bodywork Therapy must abide by. Safeguards include:  

  1. Limiting services to appointment-only;
  2. Performing health screening, including temperature checks, on clients and staff prior to entry to the facility;
  3. Requiring use of personal protective equipment, and requiring clients to wear face coverings at all times, regardless of the service they are receiving, unless face down on a massage table or where doing so would inhibit an individual’s health;
  4. Ensuring that all staff-client pairs maintain at least six feet distance between other staff-client pairs, unless separated by physical barriers;
  5. Adopting enhanced cleaning and disinfection practices; and
  6. Staying informed about new developments and guidance related to COVID-19. 

The Order further directs the Commissioner of the DOH to issue health and safety standards for use by tattoo parlors, tanning salons and other locations in which personal care services are offered by individuals  who are not acting within the scope of a license issued by a professional board within the Division of Consumer Affairs.

  • For a copy of Executive Order No. 154, please click here.
  • For a copy of the Division of Consumer Affairs’ Administrative Order, please click here.
  • For a copy of the Department of Health’s Executive Directive, please click here.

Back-to-Work Guidelines from the New Jersey Department of Labor

The DOL released guidance for employers or employees on returning to work. Please check out the following links below:

New resources:
Download the “Return to Work Guidelines” here

New webpage w/FAQs

Updated webpage for employers w/FAQs