Zoning Setbacks and Property Coverage Area


 1. There are 3 residential zoning districts; R-10, R-15 & R-20.  Your property is most likely located in one of them – see Township Zoning Map with zoning districts labeled.

2.   Once you have identified what district your property is in refer to the “Schedule of General Regulations”.  This schedule provides all the numbers and percentages that apply to your property to determine;

*   Principal Building (main structure on the property – house)  setbacks for additions;

*   Accessory Building / Structure setbacks (anything detached from the house); pools, patios, sheds, gazebo, driveway, walls, fence etc.

*   Coverage applies to how much you can cover your property with additions, pool, patio, deck, etc.  There are three (3) percentages that apply to each lot; building coverage, other coverage and total or combined coverage.  Coverage is a percentage of the lot area.  Calculate existing conditions by measuring the square footage of building & other coverage items (use your “true to scale” survey map).  Once the square footage is measured independently for building and other, it can be converted to a percentage of the lot area.  Then add the increases or decreased proposed for your project, to obtain the proposed square footage and percentages.  

* Engineering – some projects will be subject to Engineering review.

3.   If the proposed percentages and setbacks conform to the Schedule of General Regulations your project may pass the zoning review.

4.   A “true to scale” survey map of your property showing existing conditions and proposed conditions, a completed zoning application, plans of the project and any other building department paperwork that may be needed, such as electrical, plumbing, fire and building subcode technical section permit paperwork (sometimes photos help) needs to be submitted for zoning review.

 Recap: Submit completed zoning application, survey map accurately showing proposed project & plans.  Use the zoning map and schedule to determine your project’s conformance with the zoning schedule.

Apply here for a shed, patio and fence permit:  Zoning Permit 

Reference diagram below for property outline related to setbacks and structures: Zoning Property Diagram