How To Apply for a Marriage / Civil Union License

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!

  1. Complete the Marriage / Remarriage / Civil Union License Application
    • Complete only Page 1 (form MUST be 2-sided)
  2. Bring the following to the Township Clerk’s office:
    • Completed Application
    • Current and Valid id (driver’s license, passport or foreign ID)
    • $28 (cash or check payable to “Township of Berkeley Heights,” but no credit cards)
    • 1 witness (must be over 18 and have current/valid ID)
  3. Registrar will review your application and ID to confirm the following:
    • Application is filled out completely and accurately
    • Application is legible
    • ID is current and valid
    • ID matches the application EXACTLY (first, middle, and last name, address, and date of birth)
  4. Witness will complete his/her portion of the application in presence of Registrar
  5. Spouse A and Spouse B read the Oath in presence of Registrar
  6. Spouse A, Spouse B, and Witness sign the application in presence of Registrar
  7. Registrar will sign the application
  8. License can be released by the Registrar 72 hours (to the minute) after the application is signed

Please Note:

  • Appointments are highly recommended.
  • When the application asks for parents’ names, it must be your mother’s name at her BIRTH.
  • Once you complete the application process, the license is valid for 6 months, however, it will only be valid for 30 days once you pick it up. So you won’t want to pick it up more than 30 days prior to your wedding.
  • Once you are married you must formally request a Certified Copy of your Marriage License. It will not automatically be produced for you. This request must be made through the Local Registrar in the Municipality where the marriage took place OR the State office.