1. Mayor Devanney's State of the Township Address 2024

    Mayor Devanney gives updates on major Township infrastructure projects, priorities for 2024 & beyond, and the importance of 'happiness.' Read on...
  2. Mayor Angie Devanney Statement on the Relocation of Nokia/Bell Labs

    "I will work with state and local officials, and our neighbors in New Providence, to ensure we fight for what is best for us. ...We will not sit idly by." Read on...
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About Angie

Mayor Angie Devanney was sworn in as Berkeley Heights' first elected female Mayor on January 1, 2019. 

She previously served as Berkeley Heights Township Administrator from 2004-2007, and was named Business Administrator of the Year in 2004 by the Regional Gateway Chamber of Commerce. In 2005, she was awarded the Women of Excellence Award in the area of Environmental Advocacy. She recently retired from serving as the Mountain Park PTO President, is currently the Secretary to the Berkeley Heights Police Athletic League (BH PAL), and a small business owner. 

Angie gained vast knowledge of town operations and experience during her time as Township Administrator; she ran business operations, overseeing the departments of DPW Public Works, Engineering, Finance, Zoning/Construction and Public Safety. She is skilled at creating shared services; such as the agreement she reached with the County in IT and printing. Her experience and relationships in local, county and state government will allow Berkeley Heights to maximize grants funds and other resources. 

Angie is married to George Devanney and has two children: Ryan and Abbey.

You can email Mayor Devanney at

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Submit a volunteer application to become a Township volunteer.

The Township welcomes and encourages residents who have specific experience applicable to each Committee, Board and Commission to apply for available positions. Please note that there are only a few volunteer opportunities available each year as there are staggered terms for members of each Committee, Board and Commission. However, many committees are always in need of extra volunteers for various events throughout the year.

Form of Government

The Township of Berkeley Heights is governed by the Mayor /Council /Administrator form of local government. 

Term Overview

As a variant of the Faulkner Act, the Mayor is directly elected by the voters and serves a term of four years. Council members are elected to serve three year terms. Council terms are staggered so that two Council seats are up for election each year.

Voters Elect

The voters elect section is comprised of the Mayor and 6 council members:

  • Council: Staggered 3 year term
  • Mayor: 4 year term

Organization of Governing Body

The governing body is organized on January 1.


The Mayor:

  • Appoints:
    • Administrator
    • Attorney
    • Department heads with Council approval
    • Municipal clerk
    • Tax assessor
    • Tax collector
    • Treasurer
  • Has veto subject to override by 2/3 of all Council members
  • May remove department heads upon written notice to Council
  • Presides over Council and Exercises the executive power of municipality
  • Votes only to break ties


The Council:

  • Approves Mayor's appointees for:
    • Administrator
    • Attorney
    • Department heads
    • Municipal clerk
    • Tax assessor
    • Tax collector
    • Treasurer
  • Exercises legislative power of the municipality
  • May remove department heads for cause after a hearing
  • Prepares budget with assistance of municipal administrator and treasurer


Mayor exercises executive power of the municipality. Up to six departments may be created by ordinance. Administrator supervises administration of each department.