Baseball Fields

Please review the following for updates regarding the baseball fields:

  • Assessment of Synder baseball field has been performed, depending on the weather the work could start Winter 2018.
  • Assessments of other baseball fields will be done in 2019.
  • The Department will also enter into a separate annual maintenance contract to prepare fields for resting in the winter. The preparation will include edging, removing weeds or grass in the infield, filling in any holes, grading the infield, and more.
  • A special material called Pro’s Choice, used in major league fields, will be added into the infield mix to help with water drainage.
  • Sansone 1, Sansone 2, and Upper Horseshoe fields all have been approved to be refurbished this summer. The Department will select a specialized athletic field contractor to rototill, grade, and edge the fields as well as rebuild pitching mounds, add infield mix, and more.