Berkeley Heights Public Schools

The wonderful Berkeley Heights school system is made up of six (6) fabulous schools. Our school district serves the children of Berkeley Heights from Pre K through 12th grade. 

The schools are:

Early Childhood Center 

Elementary Schools

Middle School

High School

Board of Education

The Berkeley Heights Board of Education's responsibility is to ensure that the school district is being run effectively. The  board is composed of eight (8) volunteer board members who are elected by their community.

According to the New Jersey School Boards Association, “the role of a board of education is not to run the schools, but to see that they are well run.  To accomplish this, a board makes policies.  Policies are the written expression of the board’s desires for the district’s students.  The policy statements of the board serve as a guide to the superintendent and provide her with direction, a basis for decision making, and an imperative for action.”

The board members, who are state officials, are required to uphold the laws and regulations of NJ and the US.  Second, as elected local officials, they represent the community’s children in the context of the community’s desire to see its children achieve.  The board develops its local policies within the laws and regulations mandated by the State Board of Education. 

For more information please visit the Berkeley Heights Public Schools website


Research shows that students with involved parents perform better in school. Berkeley Heights schools have great Parent Teacher Organizations that work collaboratively with each of the schools. We encourage parents to get involved and reach out the PTO of their school. More information is available at the school and through each of the school pages above.

Berkeley Heights Education Foundation

The BH Ed Foundation is a nonprofit organization that raises funds to enhance educational excellence in all Berkeley Heights Public Schools by sponsoring programs that support innovative instruction, strengthen school-community ties, enrich students’ appreciation of the arts and humanities, and augment technology resources throughout the district.

For more information please visit the BH Ed Foundation website.