Recycling Task Force

The Mayor’s Special Task Force on Recycling, created in February 2019, explores options to bring down costs the township's increased recycling budget. The task force researches and explores with other communities cost-saving measures that ensure the viability and cost-effectiveness of the Township recycling program. The Recycling Task Force consists of 9 official members which include the Mayor, Council President, 3 members of the Environmental Commission appointed by the Mayor; and 4 members of the public, who shall be residents of the Township appointed by the Mayor. 


  • Angie Devanney, Mayor
  • Alvaro Medeiros, Council Member
  • Angus Chen, EC Member
  • Renee Ciesla, EC Member
  • Kim Diamond, EC Member
  • James Coler
  • Saeed Sharifian
  • Elizabeth Kane, Ad Hoc Member

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The Mayor's Task Force on Recycling has been working hard to identify possible ways the Township can reduce recycling costs. At the July 23 Council meeting, the task force proposed a question to be put on the ballot in November via a non-binding referendum, to gauge resident interest in using large bins to help potentially reduce costs. The resolution authorizing the question was ultimately tabled, so it will not be on the ballot this year.  The entire presentation is available by clicking on the image below, and the livestream of the presentation to Town Council on July 23 can be viewed online. The task force will continue to explore ways to increase awareness of proper recycling methods and decrease costs.

Recycling Task Force Update - July 23 2019