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Clerk's Office

  1. Annual Parking Permit - First Time Permit Holder

    This Applications is ONLY for FIRST TIME PERMIT HOLDERS that have received an offer letter from the Township Clerk's Office.

  2. No Knock List Registration

    This form is used by Property Owners or Occupants to add their property address to the Township's No Knock List.

  3. Parking Permit Waitlist - Resident
  4. Taxi / Livery License
  5. Temporary Street Closure / Block Party

    Request for a Temporary Street Closure / Block Party

  1. Annual Parking Permit Renewal

    This Applications is ONLY for CURRENT Permit holders wishing to Renew their permit.

  2. Parking Permit Waitlist - NonResident
  3. Smoke / Fire Inspection

    Carbon Monoxide / Smoke Detector Fire Extinguisher Certificate Of Approval. An inspection is required for any Change of Occupancy.

  4. Temporary Banner Request

    Request for a Temporary Banner